Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama's Health Care Desert

What is a bottle of water worth?

If you've been out in the desert all day and you're dying of thirst, a bottle of water is worth a lot. If you are dying of thirst, a bottle of water would be worth everything you own.

The governmenment's new healthcare plan is an attempt to create a healthcare desert; a national system in which healthcare is alloted to Americans like water in the desert.

Can you imagine a better way to control people?

Who do you suppose gets quality healthcare in Cuba or the Soviet Union, those in favor of the government, or political dissdents?

What better way to control people than by withholding something their children need to live?

The companies and government officials who control healthcare in this century will be our new elite. The old 21rst century military methods of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao look naive compared to the sophisticated new method of allocating, controlling, and withholding healthcare, the stuff of life.

I can't read Obama's mind. But it's obvious that the Obama Administration wants to put Americans into the healthcare desert. It will be a cross between organized crime and a tyranical dictatorship, indistinguishable from the Soviet "kleptocracy" of the 80's.

Are you ready to give up your freedom? Are you ready to live in a healthcare dictatorship? Just give the government control of your healthcare plan, and move into the Obama healthcare desert.

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