Monday, December 28, 2009

Sumpter Suckered by Kennedy Picture

Ha ha ha -- I just heard a 20 minute Jim Sumpter rant about a supposed photo of Senator John F. Kennedy (later President) relaxing on a yacht with several naked women cavorting about; and NOW it turns out of be a hoax.

Jim Sumpter is such a chump!

He was blabbing about how the picture would have changed the course of history and otherwise beating his chest about the importance of his (I wannabee Rush) talk radio show.

This is so funny, because on that same show, Jim Sumpter said words to the effect that he never even talks about things on his show unless they have been verified three times by different sources. Yeah this guy is nuts. That wouldn't be so bad but he's in a position to do some damage. Good thing the only button he has his truncated stubby little finger on is the, silver chromium one that shuts him up every day.

Seriously, I think Jim Sumpter is one of the most rude and critical hosts on Talk Radio and he would best serve the conservative movement if he tried to pass himself off as a liberal. With friends like Jim, we don't need enemies.

Nonetheless, if you prefer to have someone select your news for you and repeat it over and over, occasionally punctuating his rant with amateurish attacks on Rush Limbaugh then Jim's show is for you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Conservative Talk Show Host Jim Sumpter says Health Care Bill will "pass"

Talking about the congressional health care bill, on his December 18, 2009, afternoon talk show, conservative talk show host Jim Sumpter said "it's going to pass".

He may or may not be correct, but what an insult to the millions of front line grass roots conservatives who are working quietly behind the scenes to stop the health care bill from passing.

Wherever in the world did Jim Sumpter learn to give up before being defeated?

What a dit-wad!

What a traitor to conservativism!

Sumpter, an ex-marine, is a bright guy but somewhere along the line he seems to have lost the ability to think positively. In fact, he seems to have a grudge against almost every other conservative talk show host or politician in America.

The list of people Sumpter has attacked includes popular conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, popular financial talk show host Dave Ramsey, and conservative Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz, and others.

Jim Sumpter is a bright guy (very bright!) but here's what one former co-worker of Jim Sumpter had to say:

From that moment on, every day that we worked for 102.5 WFMF was more miserable than the last. The station was basically run by an idiot consultant named Jim Sumpter who seemed to get joy out of having power over us. I think his problem was that he wanted to be a star on the air, but never had the talent to do it so he went into the business side of radio and demanded respect from those whom he wished to be. It’s kind of like a nerd in high school becoming a cop and seeking revenge on those who represent what he always desired to be. He would ridicule us and talk to us like we were animals then ask for a ride to the airport to catch a late afternoon flight that was sure to put us in bumper to bumper traffic on our way home.

(See "Thank you Mother Ship", on the Ace and TJ blog,Monday April 6th, 2009)

Too bad. Sumpter is a bright guy. Very bright. Just seems to have a massive inferiority complex and lemming-like instincts, doesn't know how to channel his anger constructively or pick his battles intelligently.

I don't feel at all bad talking about Jim Sumpter (a bright guy!) this way since he, as they say, took first blood. He's a rude guy (but bright!) who doesn't mind using his considerable radio experience to dry gulch (love that phrase) and embarrass any innocent who happens to cross his path with a different view or perspective, or just someone who triggers his paranoic neural receptors.

Sumpter is a bright guy filling an important spot in third tier talk radio. Sumpter, a bright guy, constantly maligns talk show host Rush Limbaugh, and this is unfortunate because third tier talk radio plays an important role. Not everyone can be Rush, and Sumpter needs to be more accepting of who he is and what is role is in American Talk Radio. A show like Jim Sumpter's show, in the time slot he's in and with the radio stations that carry him, could do a lot of good; but sadly, doesn't and won't with the mighty Jim Sumpter at the helm.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Michael Steele: To Do List

14 December 2005
Michael Steele

Proposed To Do List for Michael Steele
  1. Ask Young Republicans to knock on one million doors this week.
  2. Ask state Republican Committees to set up folding tables in shopping malls and meet the public to talk about the dangers of the Reid/Pelosi/Obama agenda.
  3. Contact the New Patriot Journal and promise to give daily reports on Republican outreach to voters and potential voters.
  4. Put Sarah Palin in charge of Republican outreach program so that things will start happening at Warp Speed. Ask Sarah to set daily outreach goals for Republicans.
  5. Issue policy statement that mocks CNN and other publications for their shallow characterization of so-called "purity tests" in the Republican party. Work with Rush Limbaugh to expose the shallowness of mainstream media coverage of Republicans.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Virginia Newspapers are Committing Suicide

From what I have seen, the strategy of the larger Virginia newspapers is to wait for a big event to occur (typically a tragedy), and report that it happened, but without doing any in depth background research.

Hello. That is why we have TV. Newspapers are becoming more and more like TV without the moving video. Is there a market for cripped tv that lands on your door step once a day? I don't think so.

They have really boxed themselves in with all their "happy news" and style reporting, because it doesn't give them a competitive advantage with amateurs who can publish the same quality product on the internet.

Newspapers used to be good at and connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated pieces of information, but no more.

As an example,Bill Mckelway of the Richmond Times wrote an article about alleged embezzlement at the Virginia Birth-related Neurological Injury Compensation Program, where an employee has been charged with embezzling more than $800,000.00. Some review of the legality of the Board of Directors decisions and oversight might have been in order by McKelway. The minutes of that Board's meetings since 2003 do not appear to be in compliance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

McKelway was at some of their meetings and had access to all their minutes, but just as in the case of the Virginia Tech shootings, the Board gets a pass from the media.

In fact, numerous meetins were attended by Assistant Attorney Generals, but the critical attendance section of the minutes is still inaccurate, and could cast a cloud on the decisions of the Board.

McKelway missed all of this.

From what I have observed reporter such as McKelway are wating for somebody to tell them how things work. They are waiting for a credible sounding explanation, preferably from someone with public stature such as an attorney general or a judge or a Governor. No Watergate journalism in Virginia, just a bunch of butt licking from willing reporters who want to get home on time for dinner.

The issue of the role and the real responsibility of Citizen Boards is something that the newspaper would have to educated the public abou; but the Times will only educate you how to prepare your home for sale, or deep fry your Thanksgiving turkey, or plan your vacation.

Funny, the Times Dispatch has become a sort of regionalized version of Better Homes and Gardens or Southern Living.

The publishers scratch their heads and wonder why circulation is down.