Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Frank Rich Blowing Chunks of Joe Stack

Hear ye.

Hear ye.

New York Times Columnist Frank Rich wants to tie Joe Stack to the Tea Party movement.

But he can't.

So in a sort rambling clear-as-mud February 27 diatribe, Rich presents America with a set of presumptions and unfounded assumptions. The funniest part is the first sentence -- "No one knows what history will make of the present — least of all journalists, who can at best write history’s sloppy first draft."

No one much thinks of New York Times columnists as journalists anymore, least of all the American public which has been consistently voting against the left wing Times pundits with their dollars, to the extent that the Times has releases major numbers of employees in the last five years and is bleeding money like grape juice.

Anyway, I am just left wondering what distinguishes the paid columnists such as Frank Rich from the thousands (possibly millions) of unpaid columnists who do the same thing.

I mean, I think I get Frank Rich's message. He doesn't like the Tea Parties (and therefore must love big Government), and he wants to tie the Tea Partiers to other groups that don't like big government, some of which he has some dirt on . . . even if he doesn't really have any dirt directly on the Tea Parties.

But I wish Frank Rich would get it right.

Here is what Frank Rich had to say about the oath keepers -- "a rising militia group of veterans and former law enforcement officers who champion disregarding laws they oppose".

O really!

Perhaps columnist Rich should go back and read the conclusions of the Nuremberg Tribunals and compare them to the positions of the Oath Keepers.

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