Friday, December 18, 2009

Conservative Talk Show Host Jim Sumpter says Health Care Bill will "pass"

Talking about the congressional health care bill, on his December 18, 2009, afternoon talk show, conservative talk show host Jim Sumpter said "it's going to pass".

He may or may not be correct, but what an insult to the millions of front line grass roots conservatives who are working quietly behind the scenes to stop the health care bill from passing.

Wherever in the world did Jim Sumpter learn to give up before being defeated?

What a dit-wad!

What a traitor to conservativism!

Sumpter, an ex-marine, is a bright guy but somewhere along the line he seems to have lost the ability to think positively. In fact, he seems to have a grudge against almost every other conservative talk show host or politician in America.

The list of people Sumpter has attacked includes popular conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, popular financial talk show host Dave Ramsey, and conservative Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz, and others.

Jim Sumpter is a bright guy (very bright!) but here's what one former co-worker of Jim Sumpter had to say:

From that moment on, every day that we worked for 102.5 WFMF was more miserable than the last. The station was basically run by an idiot consultant named Jim Sumpter who seemed to get joy out of having power over us. I think his problem was that he wanted to be a star on the air, but never had the talent to do it so he went into the business side of radio and demanded respect from those whom he wished to be. It’s kind of like a nerd in high school becoming a cop and seeking revenge on those who represent what he always desired to be. He would ridicule us and talk to us like we were animals then ask for a ride to the airport to catch a late afternoon flight that was sure to put us in bumper to bumper traffic on our way home.

(See "Thank you Mother Ship", on the Ace and TJ blog,Monday April 6th, 2009)

Too bad. Sumpter is a bright guy. Very bright. Just seems to have a massive inferiority complex and lemming-like instincts, doesn't know how to channel his anger constructively or pick his battles intelligently.

I don't feel at all bad talking about Jim Sumpter (a bright guy!) this way since he, as they say, took first blood. He's a rude guy (but bright!) who doesn't mind using his considerable radio experience to dry gulch (love that phrase) and embarrass any innocent who happens to cross his path with a different view or perspective, or just someone who triggers his paranoic neural receptors.

Sumpter is a bright guy filling an important spot in third tier talk radio. Sumpter, a bright guy, constantly maligns talk show host Rush Limbaugh, and this is unfortunate because third tier talk radio plays an important role. Not everyone can be Rush, and Sumpter needs to be more accepting of who he is and what is role is in American Talk Radio. A show like Jim Sumpter's show, in the time slot he's in and with the radio stations that carry him, could do a lot of good; but sadly, doesn't and won't with the mighty Jim Sumpter at the helm.

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