Monday, December 28, 2009

Sumpter Suckered by Kennedy Picture

Ha ha ha -- I just heard a 20 minute Jim Sumpter rant about a supposed photo of Senator John F. Kennedy (later President) relaxing on a yacht with several naked women cavorting about; and NOW it turns out of be a hoax.

Jim Sumpter is such a chump!

He was blabbing about how the picture would have changed the course of history and otherwise beating his chest about the importance of his (I wannabee Rush) talk radio show.

This is so funny, because on that same show, Jim Sumpter said words to the effect that he never even talks about things on his show unless they have been verified three times by different sources. Yeah this guy is nuts. That wouldn't be so bad but he's in a position to do some damage. Good thing the only button he has his truncated stubby little finger on is the, silver chromium one that shuts him up every day.

Seriously, I think Jim Sumpter is one of the most rude and critical hosts on Talk Radio and he would best serve the conservative movement if he tried to pass himself off as a liberal. With friends like Jim, we don't need enemies.

Nonetheless, if you prefer to have someone select your news for you and repeat it over and over, occasionally punctuating his rant with amateurish attacks on Rush Limbaugh then Jim's show is for you.

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