Sunday, December 13, 2009

Michael Steele: To Do List

14 December 2005
Michael Steele

Proposed To Do List for Michael Steele
  1. Ask Young Republicans to knock on one million doors this week.
  2. Ask state Republican Committees to set up folding tables in shopping malls and meet the public to talk about the dangers of the Reid/Pelosi/Obama agenda.
  3. Contact the New Patriot Journal and promise to give daily reports on Republican outreach to voters and potential voters.
  4. Put Sarah Palin in charge of Republican outreach program so that things will start happening at Warp Speed. Ask Sarah to set daily outreach goals for Republicans.
  5. Issue policy statement that mocks CNN and other publications for their shallow characterization of so-called "purity tests" in the Republican party. Work with Rush Limbaugh to expose the shallowness of mainstream media coverage of Republicans.

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