Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eugene Robinson Health Care Article just Plain Old Boring

I don't exactly know who's who at the Washington Post. I used to recognize the "grunge liberals".

You know . . . the "off the shelf" liberals like Richard Cohen and William Rasberry. You know . . . the interchangeable units. You can imagine yourself walking into a warehouse full of standard issue liberal columnists and someone says, "Hey Jim Bob, reach up on that shelf and hand me down one of those liberal units."

And down comes Eugene Robinson (a standard issue "grunge liberal") off the liberal warehouse shelf to write another boring, predictable, tedious column in support of the Obama health care plan.

I'm thinking that old Eugene ate a couple of extra bagels before bed time even though it was against his doctor's orders; and he blew his diet out of the water and his wife nagged him about it, and he woke up the next morning feeling bloated and dehydrated and sat in his bathrobe in front of his laptop with one eye stuck shut and a couple of flies buzzing around his head.

"Sh*t," thought Eugene, "I gotta get this damn column out."

And since there are only a couple of topics liberal columnists ever write about, it was pretty easy for Eugene to select health care as his topic de jour.

And so Eugene started to type.

"Five score years ago," wrote Eugene, "a great American in whose symbolic shadow we stand today signed the Emancipation Proclamation."

"O wait," thought Eugene, "that's already been used . . . ahhhhhhhhhhhh screw it. I gotta knock this bitch out. I've got golf this afternoon."

And so Eugene hit the [delete] key and he started typing from the beginning again and he titled his column with a standard colloquial cliche -- "Democrats: Find your spines and pass health reform".

Then because a professional liberal columnist can never use too many cliche', he started his column with the words, "Better late than never."

And on goes Eugene.

The number one question I would like answered is this -- what really distinguishes his column from the thousands of columns written by bloggers this month?

Read his February 23 column?


Where's the new information?

Where's the new information?

Where's the new information?

And while we're on the subject of boring liberal columnists, it's important to realize that hundreds of boring conservative columnis were no doubt written today and they contained just as little useful information as Eugene Robinson's column.

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