Monday, February 15, 2010

Jim Sumpter's Really Old "Daily News"

Do I sound like I don't like Jim Sumpter?

I don't.

He's taking up 2 hours of space every week day on a Radio Station I like to listen to, and I wish they would replace him with a decent talk radio show host.

If Jim Sumpter was a car, he'd be a Yugo.

If Jim Sumpter was a financial adviser, he'd be Bernard Madoff.

If Jim Sumpter was a a radio talk show host, he'd be . . . well . . . Jim Sumpter.

Here's today's complaint about Jim Sumpter. The so called "Today's Headlines" blurbs on his site are old . . . really old by internet standards. Sumpter needs to team up with someone who understands XML / RSS feeds . . . or better yet, get off the air and make room for some decent young talk show host who understands the culture, technology, and the political climate of 2010.

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