Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Susan Davis of Wal Street Journal on the Nashville Meeting

I was going to review a Wall Street Journal article by Susan Davis, titled "Tea Party Plots Its Next Move", but I think it's appropriate to review the general state of newspaper Tea Party coverge first.

First of all, I know that a lot of Tea Partiers just flat out don't like the main stream media. Larger minds than mine will debate the pluses and minuses of that issue.

The Tea Parties are tough to cover, I think, because they are terribly amorphous.

But smart people discover order in apparent disorder.

So far I think there have been three barriers to good quality coverage of the tea parties:

(1) Traditional journalism formulas don't work particularly well.

(2) The media has been reluctant to allocate a proper level of resources to cover the Teas Parties.

(3) Journalists in general have drifted to the left, to the point where they really resent the activities of the Tea Parties and would just as soon ignore them or damn them with faint praise.

Ms. Davis started her article with the following , "Tea Party activists gathered in Tennessee this weekend grappled with a central question looming over the burgeoning political movement: Where does it go from here?"

So what's the real picture?

How are people organizing?

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