Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Health Care and the Destruction of Common Sense

Here's the headline from "State to mom: Watching neighbors' kids breaks law".

Summary: Mother helps neighbors by watching kids at bus stop. State claims she is running an illegal Day Care Center.

Question: Didn't this used to be called "Neighborhood Watch"?

Is this an example of Government that is promising to give us better, streamlined, more efficient Health Care.

Below is Congressman Alan Grayson. He apparently thinks that Americans are opposed to the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Health Care Plan because we are Republicans.


We just don't trust Government to do anything right.

Request to Congressman Grayson

This is an open request to Congressman Grayson.

Congressman Alan Grayson, here is a link to the Barack Obama's September 9 Health Care Speech. Where are the references to Quality Control in his speech? I can't find them.

Congressman Alan Grayson, please contact me at (703) 652-5436 and explain to me why you and other Democrats are not talking about Quality Control in Health Care?

Ask Representative Grayson yourself:

Orange County Office
455 N. Garland Ave, Ste. 402
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 841-1757

Lake County Office
Tavares, FL
1-866-939-3737 (toll free)

Marion County Office
Ocala, FL
1-866-939-3737 (toll free)

Washington, DC Office
Alan Grayson Washington, D.C.
(202) 225-2176

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