Monday, September 14, 2009

Response to Allen Glines Examiner Editorial

This is a response to an article by Allen Glines, titled "Tea Party protestors not a threat", that appeared September 13 issue of the Salt Lake City TV Examiner.

Mr. Glines made the following querical observation:

. . . I'm confused as to why doing something to help a lot of people, whether it be 47 million or whatever the actual figure may be, can be construed as a bad thing. I understand objecting to federal spending, but when it comes to health care, we should be a little more understanding as citizens.

Here's a link to his article.

OK. Here is my explanation to Mr. Glines.

We don't think Mr. Obama is going to provide healthcare to more people. In fact, we think he is going to destroy the American healthcare delivery system.

So, Mr. Glines, from our perspective, we're protecting "the children" from the scorched earth policies to the Obama administration, designed to destroy our economy and healthcare system.

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