Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Message to Nancy Pelosi

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

In all of this Health Care mess in Congress, why didn't you, and Harry Reid, and President Obama bring in some people with a track record of accomplishment?

Why didn't you bring in people like Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel?

Why didn't you bring in people like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, founders of Apple computer.

In short, Ms. Pelosi, why not bring in some people who started with nothing and created something and who got very rich, because people like what they were doing so much they voluntarily gave them their money.

On the 25th of September, the President gave us another speech about healthcare. It lasted about an hour, and there was not one mention of the term "quality control".

Ms. Pelosi, it's quite reasonable for the average citizen to infer that if the President is not talking about quality control, then it's probably not the most important thing on his list. And Ms. Pelosi, that indicates to me that the President is not surrounding himself with advisors who consider quality control to be important.

So here's the bottom line, Speaker Pelosi, you can blame your lack of support on all kinds of evil people with evil motives; but the truth is that there are many people left in the United States who still understand what it means to deliver a quality product or a quality service to their customers.

Nothing in your rhetoric, or the rhetoric of the President, or the rhetoric of your Senate couterpart Harry Reid tells us that you understand quality control, and more importantly how to deliver a quality product or service.

So you see, the deal is this. You can call us racist. You can call us scorched earthers. You can call us black hearted, knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing droolers.

But the truth is this. We're the most compassionate people in the world and we are saving America from you. We are preventing the Acornization of the American health care system.

Come back and talk to us when you have a better plan, and a better track record, and some people with credibility in charge of your social engineering programs. We'll be here.


Sam Mela

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