Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do you want Eric Holder to Decide if You're in a Hate Group

HR2647, the national defense budget, was originally passed by the US House of Representaatives without hate crimes legislation, but a version was passed on Thursday that extends the definition of federal hate crimes to include crimes motivated by gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

Further, it gives the Attorney General, currently Eric H. Holder, Jr., power to decide if a group is “associated with hate-related violence against groups or persons or the United States Government”.

Here's how the bill defines a hate group:

(2) DEFINITION OF HATE GROUP.—In this subsection, the terms ‘group associated with hate-related violence’ or ‘hate group’ mean the following:(A) Groups or organizations that espouse or engage in acts of violence against other groups or minorities based on ideals of hate, ethnic supremacies, white supremacies, racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, or other bigotry ideologies.

Further, it says:

(G) Other groups or organizations that are determined by the Attorney General to be of a violent, extremist nature.

What about Tea Partiers?

Well, the legislation continues as follows:

(3) EVIDENCE OF ASSOCIATION OR AFFILATION WITH HATE GROUP.—The following shall constitute evidence that a person is associated or affiliated with a group associated with hate-related violence:(A) Individuals possessing tattoos or other body markings indicating association or affiliation with a hate group.(B)individuals known to have attended meetings, rallies, conferences, or other activities sponsored by a hate group.(C) Individuals known to be involved in online activities with a hate group, including being engaged in online discussion groups or blog or other postings that support, encourage, or affirm the group’s extremist or violent views and goals.(D) Individuals who are known to have in their possession photographs, written testimonials (including diaries or journals), propaganda, or other materials indicating involvement or affiliation with a hate group. Such materials can include photographs, written materials relating to or referring to extreme hatred that are clearly not of an academic nature, possession of objects that venerate or glorify hateinspired violence, and related materials, as determined by the Attorney General.

Remember, this is the same Eric Holder who is stonewalling an investigation into why he dismissed voter intimidation charges against Black Panthers carrying nightsticks outside polling places?


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  1. These guys will not be in office for long. So, when their time is up, the shoe will be on the other foot. This extreme form of control is not something any American will put up with. Are they going to just pass bills, without us knowing, and all of a suddent we're pulled out of our homes or off the street for something we did to offend someone without having a clue about it? This has gone way way too far. Seems according to Obama, anyone can be arrested anytime for anything.