Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snowe on Healthcare Bill -- "when history calls"

"When history calls, history calls," commented Olympia Snowe, only Republican on the Senate Finance Committee to vote for the Baucus Health Care bill.

Yup. History called, and Senator Snowe did for Health Care in America what Russians did for democracy in Russia when they transferred power to Vladimir Lenin.

Good luck with that one, Olympia.

According to Idaho Senator Mike Crapo(R):

Well, first of all, most people in America want health care reform for one of two reasons. First to control the skyrocketing cost of health care, their own health insurance and their costs, and second, to get greater coverage for those who are uninsured or don't have adequate access to health care.

This bill does neither very well. In fact, with regard to the cost of health care, we'll actually see the cost of our health care go up. And in addition, we see about a trillion dollars of new federal spending offset by $400 billion of cuts in Medicare and a new 500 billion worth of taxes, the majority of which will fall squarely on the back of the middle class, who President Obama promised would not be taxed.

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