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I received the following from Dennis Hollingsead in my inbox on the national Tea Party site. Anyone who believes the Tea Party has dissipated should have their heads examined. A giant tsunami is heading Washington’s way and only a fool would ignore it.

Pass any form of ObamaCare, Cap-and-trade, or other budget busting, deficit increasing, tax raising, and liberty stealing legislation and you might as well paint a giant target on your back and mark yourself for political extinction. For many who voted for Obama, buyer’s remorse is the phrase of the day. For those of us who did not, we have been spoiling for a fight and are wringing our hands in anticipation awaiting November of 2010 along with those who now realize the mistake that is Obama. From Dennis Hollingsead:

I have always appreciated the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. But only since this summer and the healthcare initiative have I ever participated in any kind of political activism. Last January and for two months, I really thought that Obama might really be what America needs. However, I now believe that he has demonstrated that he knows how to use the right words, but his actions are incongruous with his message. I now believe that what we are seeing could be called a “Tipping Point”. Every night the media asks “Why don’t the people believe Obama?” I believe it is because so many Americans are also getting a sense of his true agenda. Last August, In my anger, I wrote the following to Congress and the American people. I have sent this to EVERY U.S. Senator, and all major media outlets:

A Pledge to Congress:

Whereas, thousands of homeowners have overextended their spending and are now bankrupt; so have both parties in Congress overextended America’s spending, thereby threatening “We the People” with bankruptcy;

Whereas, both parties in Congress, as well as state and local government, treat “We the People” as a never ending financial supply for government spending;

Whereas, both parties in Congress have demonstrated they cannot control spending, and through their legislation are a major reason for the current financial crisis;

Whereas, many Congresspersons in both parties ignore and violate the very same laws that they expect “We the People” to obey;

Whereas, both parties of Congress have either forgotten or choose to ignore that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are documents detailing the boundaries of government power and influence, from “We the People”;

Whereas, both parties in Congress, through deficit spending, are undermining the Constitution they have sworn to protect and defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic;

Whereas, “We the people” have given the power to the government to govern, “We the people” are skeptical of all politicians that tell us the government is giving us permission, to do anything;

Whereas, many Congresspersons in both parties do not understand that excessive taxation enslaves “We the People”, whether we are rich or poor, pay taxes or not;

Whereas, “We the People” believe our own Congressperson is doing great, while realistically, most multiple-term members of Congress are the problem;

Whereas, to the extent that “We the People” have encouraged or expected our Congressperson(s) to bring home “the bacon”, “We the People” bear part of the blame for the current financial crisis and pledge to never engage in this behavior in the future;

Whereas, “We the People” make difficult spending choices in order to avoid financial disaster; Congress must commit to make difficult spending choices to avoid America’s financial collapse;

Whereas, Congress has neither identified the areas of healthcare excellence, nor analyzed and explained how a sweeping change to the existing system will impact those areas of excellence;

Whereas, Congress and the President have apparently not included any of the following important stakeholders in the healthcare development process: doctors, nurses, hospital and insurance administrators, lawyers, judges, inventors of medical technology, manufacturing and pharmaceutical administrators, or individuals with real wisdom – retired Americans;

Whereas, both parties of Congress have no problem with adding to the national debt;

Whereas, Social Security is on the path to economic failure due to unrestrained Congressional spending;

Whereas, Congress and the Executive Branch refuse to look objectively at the historical evidence of the Law of Unintended Consequences following government legislation;

Whereas, Congress, even though given the authority by the President to write legislation, many have not even read the proposed bills, and refuse to allow “We the People” to read them before Congressional vote;

Whereas, the current healthcare debate has little to do with health and more to do with political ideology;

Whereas, a large number of “We the People” believe it has been a good day when Congress has not passed any legislation;

Therefore; I, Dennis Hollingsead of Buchanan, Michigan (son of a medical doctor and hospital employee for 17 years), cannot support ANY healthcare proposal, current or future that does not include major stakeholder groups in the development process. Furthermore, I encourage “We the People” to pledge to remove from office at the ballot box, any and all Representatives, Senators, or Federal Executives proposing legislation that adds to the national debt!

Dennis Hollingsead MLS, MMus

Buchanan, MI 49107

Ignore us at your peril. No ObamaCare, no cap-and-trade, and no card check. Quarantine Obama and his liberal allies. Republicans, RINOs, and moderate democrats – you have been placed on notice. Represent the will of the people and survive the political earthquake. Turn your back on us and we will rip through the barricade that surrounds the Beltway, take back our dome, and grab you by the scruff of your neck and throw you to the lions.

Update on the pink slip campaign: Not surprising, there is very little news on the congressional pink slip campaign but the examiner is reporting as of October 1st that 1.5 million pink slips have been sent to Congress. Since then, at least a million more arrived per a conference call I attended last week, with more arriving daily. The pink slips, arriving by regular mail, take about 4-6 weeks to make it to the desk. Like the 9/12 march on DC, this is vastly under-reported by the press, including Fox News. Dereliction of duty.

The success of the pink slip campaign is due in part to the contribution by Federal Express and their agreement to create enough slips to send to all members of Congress at a cost of around $30.00.

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