Thursday, October 29, 2009

An NPR Poll About Fox News

NPR columnist Mark Memmott has decided to run a poll in his article In White House Vs. Fox News War Of Words, Who Gets Your Vote?.

Unfortunately some people may take Mr. Memmott's poll seriously.

Here's my poll about the NPR Poll.

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  1. I attempt to listen to NPR a couple times a week in the mornings. I only do this when I am in a mood to get really pissed off and blow off some steam at the radio. On occasion I have the opportunity to have the radio on while I am at work and this can really start some great conversations. Generally about how stupid and ridiculus NPR can sound. The LIBERAL morons that are on that station can't really believe what they are saying, can they? How do they manage to say the things they say and exist on this planet is beyond me. Their insane blather is great for the local college crowd who are filling their heads with liberal mush. They have no facts to back up what they say except from more liberal lies that they keep telling each's all just for some liberal political money grab. Hang on to your pockets books because the Obama administration is just more of the liberal crap being jammed down our throats with our own tax dollars paying for it!!!! Now I'm pissed!!!!!