Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scozzafava Drops Out: Teeth and Claws in VA, NJ, NY

After polls revealed that Dede Scozzafava trailed hopelessly in the special New York 23rd Congressional race, she has withdrawn and apparently thrown her support to the Democrat candidate Bill Owens.

Unthinkable one month ago, and despite this strange turn of events, Hoffman appears to be on course to win the 23rd District seat.

Meanwhile, driven by conservatives who largely identify with the Tea Party Movement, in the bluest of blue states, New Jersey, the Gubernatorial seat appears likely to fall to Republican challenger Chris Christie; and the Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell leads by an amazing 13 points.

According to a Reuter's poll, as many as 50% of US citizens who identify as "conservatives" do not consider themselves to be Republicans.

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  1. "We the People", not "we the party" want our country back! The tide is turning!