Monday, October 26, 2009

Everett Wilkinson on Neil Cavuto

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By Keith Brock

Interview by Neil Cavuto of Everett Wilkinson of the Miami Tea Party who has 500 to 1000 people coming to a protest at a fund raiser President Obama is flyin into today. Transcript follows:

Neil Cavuto: Pres Obama is on his way right now to Miami for a big fund raiser, actually two of them, Tea Partiers will be waiting for him there, not with check books but with protest signs. Everett Wilkinson is one of them; Everett, good to have you.

Everett Wilkinson: Great to meet you again, Neil.

Neil Cavuto: What are you doing there?

Everett Wilkinson: Well, were actually trying to get our voices heard. We went to D.C., we had approximately two million Patriots there; the President decided to leave the actual state; we’ve been all across the country trying to get our voices heard at our Representative’s Town Hall Meetings, and they have kind of avoided us, so we figure where politicians get their money that might be a good place to actually find them.

Neil Cavuto: Alright, so how many of you guys are going to be in Miami today?

Everett Wilkinson: Well, I am hoping to have 500 to 1,000 individuals.

Neil Cavuto: Now, authorities generally get nervous on either side when there are protestors; any special provisions being taken, are people getting nervous whether there’s large numbers being there, where they are going to put you, etcetera?

Everett Wilkinson: There has been a little bit, they’ve been a little nervous, but I am working with the Miami Police Department and the person from Homeland Security that’s connected to them, and we are going to be in front of the hotel so if you are in the Miami area come on down, you know I’m sure the President is going to be here to collect some money.

Neil Cavuto: You know, he has no problem collecting money and leading Democrats in Washington are saying they have no problem still dismissing you guys; that you are an example of rage but of rage but rage among a few. That’s it. If most people felt as you do we would see it in more alarming numbers for health care reform and they argue so far we don’t. What do you say?

Everett Wilkinson: Well, I have to say that we are not the ones who have to keep on saying “We are not lying! We are not lying! We are not Lying!” Every day they put out a web site trying to put out their message, where as average Americans are sitting and trying to read the bills, which their representatives aren’t, and saying: “Well look at the bill! Read the Bill.” It’s going to cost us at least eight-hundred trillion dollars, probably more. This public option is going to destroy our country; the out-of-control spending with the Stimulus Plan isn’t working. These are average Americans; we are going to keep hitting the streets, and if we are not being impactful why don’t they meet with us?

Neil Cavuto: So let me ask you about what party better represent’s your views. We have talked to a lot of Tea Parties lately who are mad at Republicans. And mad certainly in this upstate New York race at the Republican Candidate who does not espouse a lot of your views. If forced to chose between a Conservative Candidate, and let’s say the Republican-Choice Candidate, Where would you go?

Everett Wilkinson: I would go with the Candidate that supports a sound fiscal policy, whether it’s a democrat, whether it’s a Conservative Candidate that is not a Republican, or a Republican Candidate, because what we care about is a sound fiscal government, not a party or any kind of political affiliation.

Neil Cavuto: Alright, that is something I discovered at the Sacramento rally Everett about a lot of guys that you just hate everybody that spends. You are nonpartisan on that. Everett Wilkinson…

Everett Wilkinson: Absolutely, 100%
Neil Cavuto: Thank you very much, Everett in Miami with the president who has two back-to-back fund raisers.

Everett Wilkinson: Thank you Neil.

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