Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Question for US Representative Pete Hoekstra

Dear Congressman Hoekstra,

I like you.

I like what you are doing.

But . . .

I just watched you on TV and you were asking the American people to come to Washington tomorrow to protest the House health care bill.

Then I called your office and the intern who answered was unaware of your request or the impending vote.

I suggest you train the interns who answer the phones in your office; and if there's an important event like a health care vote on Capitol Hill, maybe your interns should take a break from their iPods and PearlJam, and take a few minutes to understand the issues people are calling them about.

Can your Chief of Staff take care of that?

Thank you

Followup with other Michigan Republican Congressmen:

I called some more Michigan Republican offices

Representative Vern Ehlers (R)
Matt Evans in the Michigan didn't know anything about the Michele Bachman "High Noon" event.

Alicia Chatterdon in the DC office knew it was happening, but didn't know any details.

Representative David Camp (R)
Tom Smith in the Michigan office said he had heard about it but didn't know details, and forward me to the Washington Office.

Ashton (wouldn't give her last name) knew it was happening. Knew the sponsor, but not what time it was scheduled for.

Representative Fred Upton(R)

Mitzi Fitzpatrick in the Michigan office said said she couldn't tell me ANYTHING. So I aked her if her office had a policy about her not being able to answer any questions but she wouln't answer that question either.

Katy Novaria in the DC Office knew about the Michele Bachman protest at noon.

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