Monday, November 2, 2009

NY 23rd Problems Started in Utah, South Carolina, Virginia, other states

Reporters, as we have traditionally understood their role, are supposed to get the real story.

But the story of what happened in New York's 23rd District started long ago and in many other places. The problem has been building up for a long time, and the media never seems to do what media is supposed to do -- get the whole story.

The Preston Bryant Story

I knew a RINO once.

He started out as a little baby RINO on the Lynchburg Virginia City Council; and later he was a Republican Delegate in the Virginia General Assembly. Today he is the Secretary of Natural Resources for Governor Tim Kaine of the Commonwealth of Virginia. His name is Preston Bryant and his facebook friend's list reads like a Who's Who of Virginia Progressives.

In my opinion, Preston took what the Republicans could give him and when he had taken everything they could give him, he moved on to take what the Democrats could give him, and at one point from his trusted position within the Virginia General Assembly, he was pretty much a one man wrecking crew against traditional conservative values in the Virginia General Assembly.

I don't read minds, but it is my opinion that Preston Bryant would have continued to milk the Republican Part for as long as it suited to do so, calculating to eventually become an embedded party boss in Central Virginia, or perhaps he set his sites higher, governor perhaps.

Fortunately, Preston Bryant has been flushed out of Central Virginia Republican Politics, but it was an ugly and (in my opinion) unnecessary process.

Central Virginia Republican leadership finally grew a pair and ran a candidate against Preston in a primary election in 2005. Democrats voted heavily in the Republican primary (they can do that in Virginia), so Preston skated through to the 2005 fall election, but he got the message and accepted a political appointment to the Democrat Governor Tim Kaine adminstration in 2006; and Central Virginia was finally (we hope) rid of "Republican" Preston Bryant.

Don't Blame Bryant's

I don't personally blame Preston Bryant for the damage he did, because I think Preston did the best he could with the ethical tools that were given him by God and his parents. I don't think Preston was morally capable of doing anything different than what he did.

I think that Republican party leadership was either unwise or corrupt in Virginia at a lot of levels, and rank and file Republicans did not move quickly enough to correct the problem.

Leadership Problems

The RINO problem in the Republican Party has become exaccerbated by Republican leadership that deals with the problem (until now) by simply pretending it doesn't exist; in effect tossing grassroots Republicans under the bus, in favor of incumbent RINOs.

Meanwhile, as if to add insult to injury, the RINO nearly always couches his betrayal as being "bipartisan" or "reaching across the aisle", which is something the 21rst century media just gobbles up.

And the problem with News Reporters is this -- they don't get what the average Republican really wants and they don't understand why Republicans have been frustrated since about 2004 and in some cases earlier.

For the most part, Republicans are frustrated with their own leadership. In many instances, Republican feel their leadership has asked them to vote for less than acceptable candidates out of "party loyalty".

To be continued . . .

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