Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where are the Republicans: Part 1

Below is a screen shot of the pitiful Web Page of the Ohio Republican Party.

You can visit it personally at

When you go there, take a look at the missing image in the bottom center of the page, and ask yourself if a this page Web page really mattered to the Republican Party, how quickly would it be fixed.

Let us say, for example, there was an image missing from the home page of . . . the Washington Post, Google, or the Microsoft Web page. It would probably be fixed in about ten minutes. In the E-commerce sites I have worked on, a problem like that would be fixed in a day or less.

Would Sears, Pennys, or Best Buy Web let an error go uncorrected on Thanksgiving weekend?

Nope! Someone would get called away from their meal to fix it, so it wouldn't impact the black Friday sales.

But the Ohio Republican Web page? Well, it could just sit there screaming "we're incompetent and we don't care about mistakes on our Web page" for a long time.


The Ohio Republican Party doesn't feel the page is mission critical.

I mean, it's obvious that nobody from the Ohio State Republican Party is looking at the page and worrying about whether it is changing minds or drawing in new conservative voters.

I guess I would like to know if the RNC (Republican National Committee) thinks they can win with this level of effort?

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